Our door frames
are made from sustainably grown Radiata pines. The breed has been engineered to better resist plant diseases and selected for its durability in finished products. Its natural growth pattern also gives rise to its suitability in furniture manufacturing. Most importantly, its supreme ability to sequester CO2 and the fact that its wood waste can be fully recycled enable it to offset the carbon generated from harvesting and processing, leaving minimum carbon footprint.


Classy and minimalistic.
Stain, paint or synthetic film finishing.
Suitable for dry wall openings with maximum thickness of wall up to 16cm.


Extra layer adds depth to the frame.
Stain or paint finishing.
Suitable for brick or concrete wall openings with maximum thickness of wall up to 21cm.

Our raw lumber is treated by high-temperature drying before transportation and processing which acts as physical control of any potential insect pests and can regulate lumber moisture level at 8~12%.